"If we want to make a communication to those people [we will never meet]
we can't show them everything we love to do." (Arno Rafael Minkkinen)
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I am not a painter nor a sculptor. Like with photography, I use paint, other materials, and objects in order to make some thoughts visible and touchable. Painting and installations are just a way of thinking with non-verbal languages.

Kick in the Eye, Cultural Center of Lagos, Portugal, 2014.
Group exhibition from the artistic residence promoted by LAC - Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, Cutural Association.

Forefront: Unstable cliff, mixed media, variable dimensions, 2013-14.
Right wall: Boat names are not poems, series of 7 pieces, wood and paint, 2013-14.

The deep ocean under the skin, from series Boat names are not poems.
Wood and paint, 70 x 100 cm, 2013-14.

Forefront: The sailor, mixed media, variable dimensions, 2013-14.
On the pillar: Objects II, painted and suspended seaport found objects,
variable dimensions, 2013-14.

The sailor (details).

Objects I, seaport found objects, variable dimensions, 2013-14.