"If we want to make a communication to those people [we will never meet]
we can't show them everything we love to do." (Arno Rafael Minkkinen)
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I am not a photographer in the sense that I do not go out at a special hour to special places in order to make a picture of a photograph that already exists almost by itself. I rather take a photo, and make some of my thoughts visible, where nobody else sees anything special.


"Wood Collier from Pias", Portugal - 1st prize "Intangible heritage of the municipality of Serpa" photography contest.
Portugal, 2016.


"Autumn", Portalegre, Portugal, 2008.


"Armchair on an Olive Grove", Trigaches, Portugal, 2018.


"Flamingos", Alvor, Portugal, 2018


Easter week at El Puerto de Santa Maria. Cádiz, Spain, 2015.

"Sandra Markes", portuguese boxer, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018.

working with artists

"Escória" by BAAL17, Theater Company from Serpa, Portugal, 2017.

"Raiva" movie by Sérgio Tréfaut, Alentejo, Portugal, 2016.

"Ney Matogrosso", Beja, Portugal, 2017.


I am not a painter nor a sculptor. Like with photography, I use paint, other materials, and objects in order to make some thoughts visible and touchable. Painting and installations are just a way of thinking with non-verbal languages.

Kick in the Eye, Cultural Center of Lagos, Portugal, 2014.
Group exhibition from the artistic residence promoted by LAC - Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, Cutural Association.

Forefront: Unstable cliff, mixed media, variable dimensions, 2013-14.
Right wall: Boat names are not poems, series of 7 pieces, wood and paint, 2013-14.

The deep ocean under the skin, from series Boat names are not poems.
Wood and paint, 70 x 100 cm, 2013-14.

Forefront: The sailor, mixed media, variable dimensions, 2013-14.
On the pillar: Objects II, painted and suspended seaport found objects,
variable dimensions, 2013-14.

The sailor (details).

Objects I, seaport found objects, variable dimensions, 2013-14.


RUI CAMBRAIA, Lisbon, Portugal, 1967.
Website (PT)

Present situation: Freelancer: collaboration with the Portuguese Cultural Center in Bissau - culture, september/december 2020.
Earlier situations: Project coordinator, at ADPP-GB, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, between february 2019 and march 2020. Assistant Professor in the Superior School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal, between 1999 and 2015. Plastic artist since 1990; freelancer in photography, art education and cultural production, since 2005.

Degree in Painting at the Superior School of Fine Arts of Lisbon (1992).
Master degree in Aesthetics and Art Philosophy at the University of Lisbon (2001).
Post graduation in Aesthetics and Art Philosophy at the University of Lisbon (2014).

Title of Specialist (recognized experience and professional competence) in Arts, by the Scientific and Technical Council of the Superior School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre (2014).
Registered Educator in the following areas: A05 - Graphic Arts, A25 - Visual and Technological Education, A31 - Expressions (dramatic / plastic) and C15 - Educational Technology (IT / Computer Application), by the Scientific and Pedagogical Nacional Council for Continuous Education, with the following reference: CCPFC / RFO-12799/01.
Photojournalist-collaborator credentials (CO-1583 / CCPJ), 2016-2018.
Trainee journalist credentials (TPE-194 A / CCPJ), 2018-2019.

Non-academic studies:
- Lithography and serigraphy classes attended at the Engraving Artists Association of Amadora, Portugal (1989).
- Studies in mixed media and painting at The Art Students League of New York, attending Mr. Bruce Dorfman's and Mr. William Sharf's classes (1995/1996).
- "Introduction to Language and Video Technique" course, at the Cinema and Audiovisual Portuguese Federation (1997).
- "Director of Photography with Available Light" workshop, at the Film, Television, Video and Multimedia - AVANCA '09 international meetings, Portugal (2009).
- "Digital Photography" workshop, modules I and II, Espaço_Corpo, Castelo de Vide, Portugal 2009.
- Woodcut workshop, LAC - Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, Lagos, Portugal, 2015.
- Internship in photojournalism at Diário do Alentejo newspaper, Beja, Portugal, 2016-2017.

Production indicators:
As an educator held 36 artistic-educational and socio-cultural events, in the area of the ​​plastic-arts and pinhole photography, between 2005 and 2018.
Held the communication "Landscape and Photography", under the collaboration with the research project Philosophy and Architecture of the Landscape, Philosophy Centre of the University of Lisbon, January, 2011.
As an artist held 53 exhibitions of Fine Arts and Photography, 46 of which are group projects and collective exhibitions, and 7 solo exhibitions, between 1990 and 2015, in Portugal, Spain, France and Japan; attended two artistic residencies at LAC - Laboratory of Creative Activities - Cultural Association, Lagos, Portugal, 2014.
Prizes: "Lography Marathon" photography - single prize, Centro de Ciência Viva, Estremoz, 2010; "Património (i)material" photography, Câmara Municipal de Serpa - 2nd prize (2015), 1st prize (2016); Journalism prize UNESCO's portuguese National Commitmee "Human Rights & Integration" 2017, co-authorship (photography and production) "Quando um murro nem sempre é um murro", Diário do Alentejo; Honorable Mention AOP Regional Press Competition (Olympic Academy of Portugal) - David Sequerra 2017, co-authorship (photography and production) "Quando um murro nem sempre é um murro", Diário do Alentejo.
Held 162 collaborations in the editorial area, 10 illustration projects (photography and painting), 146 press (newspaper/magazine) collaborations (text and photography), 2 articles on matters of Arts Education, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Photography, 4 text in art exhibition catalogs.