"If we want to make a communication to those people [we will never meet]
we can't show them everything we love to do." (Arno Rafael Minkkinen)
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I am not a photographer in the sense that I do not go out at a special hour to special places in order to make a picture of a photograph that already exists almost by itself. I rather take a photo, and make some of my thoughts visible, where nobody else sees anything special.


"Wood Collier from Pias", Portugal - 1st prize "Intangible heritage of the municipality of Serpa" photography contest.
Portugal, 2016.


"Autumn", Portalegre, Portugal, 2008.


"Armchair on an Olive Grove", Trigaches, Portugal, 2018.


"Flamingos", Alvor, Portugal, 2018


Easter week at El Puerto de Santa Maria. Cádiz, Spain, 2015.

"Sandra Markes", portuguese boxer, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018.

working with artists

"Escória" by BAAL17, Theater Company from Serpa, Portugal, 2017.

"Raiva" movie by Sérgio Tréfaut, Alentejo, Portugal, 2016.

"Ney Matogrosso", Beja, Portugal, 2017.